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Premiere Anesthesia

I got to play a MESS! Ashley Ames was New Joyce and I, Ashlyn Stallings, was Old Joyce in this fun and jargon heavy piece! 

Loved getting a twin on set! This was a laugh riot on set and in holding and I am so grateful to my team, the cast and crew of this Premiere Anesthesia spot! 

You can see Ashley and Ashlyn...New Joyce and Old Joyce online, social media and at trade shows! 

More on the Joyces HERE!


This Ospitek spot was especially special because my real life mom and I got cast as mother and daughter! 


April 15, 16, and 23 I will be playing Dee Dee Allen as a Guest Artist with the Atlanta Workshop Players Musical Theatre Company! 

Come on down to enjoy some Apple's and Bee's as we fight for equality! 

The Prom
PROM Web Thumbnail.png

The In-Between:
Podcast Interview

I got to co-host 'The In-Between Podcast' created by Elizabeth Stater! A wonderful human being that I have known since being a teen! We chat about theatre camp, mental health, our biggest tik toker inspiration (I know...weird for millennials right?!), over extending ourselves and everything in between!

It's chaotic and goofy and unabashedly us! Take a LISTEN!

the in between.jpeg


November of 2021, I shot an episode of one of my goal television shows, ATLANTA! Here's me, SO happy, in my trailer before heading to HMU and getting into wardrobe. You can watch Season 3 Episode 4 of 'Atlanta' on Hulu now!

Atlanta Season 3 Poster.jpeg
Trailer Pre HMU!


Cupcake and (Dis)Connected, two films I was in (and co-producer on (Dis)connected) were accepted into the Diversity In Cannes Short Film Showcase 2021. 

As soon as the team heard the news, we scraped up some money and flew to France 2 weeks later! We spent the week connecting with filmmakers, seeing film premieres, doing Q&A's and having an absolute ball being surrounded by such brilliant creative minds!



Absolutely loved being part of the bloody bloody cast of EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL! It was a thrill and a riot working with these wickedly talented performers and I very much enjoyed bleeding all over the sold out audiences! Thanks to all that attended for supporting the arts and helping to fight off demons!

To all the men in my life...hope you don't get killed by a Candarian Demon!

Evil Dead.jpg
Amanda on The Walking Dead.jpg

For years I've always wondered what I would do in the zombie apocalypse...turns out I...'Amanda' would brave the outside world and take on this new normal with a fight! I like to think she is still out there kicking ass! 

It was such a pleasure to work on this iconic show and I am truly honored to be a part of The Walking Dead family. Rub a little dirt on it and grab your favorite walker slaying weapon. You can watch episode 910 on the AMC website. Don't blink or ya might miss me! 

Thank you to my People Store team for their endless hard work and support and to the entire cast and crew of The Walking Dead for welcoming me into your world! 



This just in! 

'Cupcake' has been selected in the Hollyshorts Film Festival in LA! It will have it's world premiere on August 14th at the TCL Chinese Theatre! 

Huge thank you to this amazing team for all the hardworking! Looking forward to more adventures! 

BTS of Cupcake.jpg

photos: Alanna LeBlanc

I had the absolute pleasure of playing the lead 'Simone' in the short film Cupcake directed by Courtney Grace. 

An adventure in the woods, the cold and being shunned by all of my friends in the film. An incredible cast and crew tackled this project and I could not be more grateful for this experience! 

Thank you all for trusting me with this role and for pushing me and creating with me! 

SCAD Savannah Film Festival -
Hollyshorts Film Fest - Cupcake.jpg

Phantasmagoria Atlanta performed at the Atlanta Fringe Festival June 5-9th 2019 to incredible audiences at 7 Stages! Thank you so much to all the organizers, audiences and fellow artists that were a part of the Fringe Fun! 

Aisling & Freya.JPG
Atlanta Fringe Festival.png


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