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Cupcake BTS


I'm about to be quite frank about the process of making this short film. It was not easy, and that has NOTHING to do with the actual production but everything to do with my personal life while filming was in progress. 

I played Simone, the lead in the film and I was beside myself excited about this project and this role. It seemed like a fun challenge with a great team and I was 1000% on board. Without getting deep into the particulars with my personal life, things were bad. I've never been more stressed, isolated or emotionally drained and it was taking a toll on my work. I slept about 1 hour each night before a full day of shooting and I felt guilty talking to people or having fun on set so, like my character, I was very isolated. I was surrounded by all of these incredible, brilliant and creative minds and wanted so deeply to connect with each of them but I was very reserved. 

The experience was still absolutely wonderful. I found ways to relieve myself of guilt and focus on the project. I found connections with cast and crew members that have continued to grow after the fact. And I learned that honesty with myself and the people in my life is so important and that nobody can make me feel inferior except myself. I grew from this project and this difficult time in ways I was not anticipating. I hope dearly to work with each and every person on this project again somewhere in my career because I learned so much and had so much fun because of them, even through my sadness. 

Thanks everybody that invited me to sit with you at meals, thanks to everybody that made me smile and thanks to everybody for trusting me to be in Cupcake. 

My heart and creativity are indebted to you!


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