"I love your hair."

- Most Strangers

"You're an adorable badass."

-A Child

Born into a family of actors and extensively trained, Ashlyn was raised with a passion for dramatic arts. She has made her mark across musical theater in New York and Atlanta, as well as brought countless roles to life on film and network TV.


She recently co-starred on AMC's 'The Walking Dead', BET’s 'The Quad', appeared in the indie feature 'Breaking Glass', and has honed her craft as the lead in various unique short films. Ashlyn is also an accomplished dancer and stage actress, with credits such as Shelly & Annie in 'Evil Dead The Musical', Red Riding Hood in 'Into the Woods', swing roles in touring musicals, and a number of variety shows.


Ashlyn has trained at the prestigious New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, as well as extensively in Meisner, dance, stage combat and stunts. While not in the spotlight, Ashlyn is also a photographer and screenwriter. She looks at life as an adventure, strives to make a difference with her art, and also bakes really good oatmeal cookies. Like… really good.